Beginners Guide to RC

We understand you are eager to get in the air! Here are a few tips we’ve learnt along the way, One thing you will learn in RC Flying is there isn’t always a 100% correct or right way to do things, you should listen to peoples opinions and act accordingly!

  • Hit our Forum or the others on our Links page, there is vast knowledge available here to help you get started, prepare to spend a few days/weeks reading!
  • While it might seem financially attractive to get a Ready to Fly kit, you will probably end up with a radio transmitter that is lacking in features and longevity, You are better off investing in a 6 or 7ch radio. Most come with options that can make your initial flying experiences a whole lot more enjoyable.
  • The better radios will also come with whats known as a Buddy port, This makes it possible for our instructors to help you learn to fly and land safely and competently. Our instructors use JR style transmitters. Your hobby store sales rep will be able to recommend a radio to suit but some examples of what we fly with would be Spektrum Dx6i, Dx7 or Dx8.
  • Try to aim for a trainer aircraft if you are just getting into RC Flying. They usually have high wings which make them stable and very easy to fly. They are also cheaper to repair when you crash as well! (Oh yes you WILL Crash! Even You!)
  • Don’t forget to budget for a better battery charger & possibly more batteries. Current technology allows for about 10 mins of flight per 60-70 mins of charging, if you want to fly often, you’ll want a few chargers and batteries.